Welcome To Next Step Business Club

How do you benefit from Next Step Business Club?

The Next Step Business Club (NSBC) was created to provide you with a premium website, business card, a flyer or brochure, and much more to help you grow your business without making a big investment.

NSBC also serves as a hub where you have access to needed resources to help you learn and grow as an effective business owner.

NSBC will also provide you with a free online business directory to help you reach much more customers.

What Do You Get?

There are great benefits to be had, being a part of Next Step Business Club.

Next Step Business Club

Being a member enables you to:

    1. Be part of an online community of like-minded entrepreneurs
    2. Access to digital marketing training and mentoring for eg. social media marketing training, Google Ads training, etc.
    3. Access to business resources. Such as a website, business cards, flyer, etc.
    4. Special prices from our external business partners.
    5. Personal development training and social events
    6. Free online directory listing
    7. Business Management advice and insights and much more.

You were created to impact the life of others. Our desire is for each and every member of Next Step Business Club (NSBC) to be a part of a movement that will provide them with the tools to grow, scale their businesses and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. What we do at NSBC is to maximize business opportunities for our members through networking and relationship building amongst members.

One of the most important element of a successful business owner is learning. When you learn you finding more efficient ways to scale your business. Being a member of NSBC you will have access to learning resources such as, social media training, accounting training, marketing training, etc. In today’s business environment, productivity does not come from working harder, it comes from working “smarter”.

Where there is growth, there is innovation and this is a breeding ground for more positive and refreshing perspectives toward yourself and the development of your business. As business owners, we operate in a changing global environment. As a community of like-minded entrepreneur together we can be stronger. The stronger we are, the more impactful we will be.

Being a member of this business club will allow you to see a positive gain in your business investment within a shorter time span. This is so because you do not have to invest thousands of dollars to get all that you need to effectively compete within the market you serve. Therefore, you will have much more to reinvest in your business and grow it faster with peace of mind.


A small business club to Connect, Learn, Grow and Profit.

Next Step Business Club

Do you have a BIG idea to start a business?

Next Step Business Club

Are you serious about growing your business?

Next Step Business Club

Are you looking for support to grow yourbusiness?

Next Step Business Club

Would you join a community to help your business grow?

As a business owner, you know how trying to get Quality, Advice and Support can be challenging.

Countless Benefits:

Next Step Business Club is full of resources to help you and your business grow.

Small Business

Premium Web Services

As a member, you will get web services at the cheapest prices. Such as free website maintenance. 

Small Business


Members benefit from, networking, training, support plus external services providers we partner with.

Small Business

Member Only Resources

As a member you will benefit from support, exclusive members only deals, offers & discounts 

Small Business

Online Business Directory

As a member you will be able to advertise your business in our club directory. Just like Yellow Pages. 

Recent Work:

Join the “Next Steppers” by becoming a part of NSBC.

Who Loves Us

See what our members say!

I have been a member of NSBC since it started up and I have made some good friends who also own businesses. I have also received some good advice, learned a lot about social media and for me, it works.

Darien Rose-Green

Darien Rose-GreenCEO - West End Solutions

As a new business owner, I have found Next Step Business Club helpful in many ways,  from the most basic to the more important things. With all the different businesses within the club and all with their own skills, they are all happy to help where they can. I would recommend the club to any business. I just want to thank all the people that help me so far to get started.

Marlon Hibbert

Marlon HibbertManager - Virtu Artistry

I would highly recommend NSBC to other small business. As a new small business myself, I am aware that it is far too easy to get caught working “in” your business and not spending enough time working “on” your business. By having chat with like-minded people it’s great to step back, meet connections, discuss ideas and – charge up my enthusiasm for the week ahead.

Julian Hylton

Julian HyltonDirector - Futurevents Ja